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At Unparalleled Communications we believe that working hard and doing great work is as imperative as breathing. So our clients are relevant, hence profitable, in a competitive world.


Focus on results, not activities, meaning marketers should understand that the goal is selling. Marketing is an investment, not an expense.

Our key values are:

  •  > Courage: we stand by our beliefs; we reject fear; we 'go for it'
  •  > Integrity: we know who we are; we say what we think; we are realistic and objective
  •  > Kindness: we believe kindness is the highest form of service
  •  > Diligence: we work hard; and until we're proud of what we've produced
  •  > Creativity: we believe there is more energy in fusion than fission; we seek to add rather than to detract

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We are a strategic branding and marketing consultancy that works with leading companies in the following areas. We seek to boost their brand stewardship, improve their performance, and develop solutions for their most significant challenges.
We’ve reinvented our toolbox, empowered people at all levels of the organization and reinforced the notion that we must do good to do well. We are proving out our positioning and that hard work works.

Marketing communications
Selling things, selling ideas
Provoking engagement
Corporate communications
Crisis preparedness
Investor relations
Retail marketing
Wants and needs based retail
Touchpoint optimization
Customer experience
Brand architecture
Market launch
Digital marketing
Design of experiments
Omni channel
Strategic marketing
Applied research

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At Unparalleled Communications, we spearhead a new collaborative working style, working together with our clients because it’s simply smart business. Our goal is to work on the issues that really matter to our clients and build their marketing capabilities.

  •  > Beauty
  •  > Pharma
  •  > Fashion
  •  > Legal Services
  •  > Luxury Marketing

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Michael Ghilissen is an Adjunct Professor in the graduate program at HEC - University of Liege, and teaches the following courses:

  •  > Strategy
  •  > Strategic Marketing
  •  > Consumer Analytics
  •  > Market Entry Options
  •  > Digital Marketing Clinic
  •  > Negotiation for Managers
  •  > Leadership Best Practices

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Migalhas International

Migalhas delivers a smart and lively coverage of the day's news in law, business and government. Migalhas circulates three editions with dedicated content in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, to over 300,000 readers daily. The websites are a complement to the publications and feature reference articles, important opinions on current issues, personality profiles, book reviews, practical information on continuing education, seminars and events.

Our purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment. We are committed to producing the finest possible news report every day.

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Indeed, Migalhas has commanded a lot of attention in law firms, business and government circles.

Migalhas is exclusively sponsored by the finest law firms and companies of Brazil and the rest of the world. They are very active with their contributions to the publication and they do not confuse sponsorship with a spectator sport.

Migalhas has partnered with LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell to provide exclusive editorial and educational content to the legal industry, with a view to reinforce their presence in Latin America and enhance their brand awareness in the market place.

Michael Ghilissen is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) - Business Law section, and the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) in Washington.

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Innovation Venture

Innovation Ventures works with companies in three ways -- we provide services of private placement and direct investment of venture capital, M&A advisory services, and entrepreneurial management of start-ups. Innovation Venture will greatly speed-up turning ideas into action helping companies which must reach a sufficient scale to take maximum advantage of innovations.

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Uncertainty, diverse global players, rapid technological change, widespread price wars and seemingly endless reorganization define a far-reaching shift resulting in a new organizational paradigm: hyper competition. HyperCompetition is a solid reference for academics, consultants, executives and students in the field of creating organizations, developing strategies and inventing managerial practices in today's possibly disorderly and chaotic environments.

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The forces of globalization, technology, changing investor demographics, and new forms of competition have dramatically transformed capital markets worldwide. Strong links among financial markets requires some kind of standardization or convergence in international regulatory matters. The forthcoming SEC 1 Newsletter brings the steady flow of timely, comprehensive and accurate information and analysis on international issues.

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First Invest

We never cease to be astonished how little time and effort is spent studying the key success factors behind the small number of investors who have been truly great, past and present, and their application to practical money making investment decisions. So, we have developed a proprietary investment process based on factors or characteristics that relate to risk, liquidity, profitability, cheapness, technical history, and analyst's ratings and earnings estimates.

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Epicurean Living Omnimedia

Epicurean Living is the antidote for monolithic approach to life's pleasures. Moments can be glamorous, unusual, unexpected, plain simple, frivolous, but they are only unique when you share them with someone special. My ultimate project is to create an omnimedia platform to share epicurean living experiences with discerning travelers in a World gourmet tour: website, books, magazines, newsletters and TV show.
Visa to the World!

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“If you don't keep giving customers reasons to buy from you, they won't”
― Sergio Zyman